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Home Stretch – Starting the Third Trimester September 27, 2008

Posted by Tori in Illness, Pregnancy.
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Well, I’m 30 weeks now, which means I will be finishing up this pregnancy and welcoming a new little one to the family soon. This pregnancy has had a lot of ups and downs. It’s been the complete opposite of first pregnancy, which was one of those textbook type pregnancies. This one has been full of issues and it seems one thing after another.

Lately I’ve been battling a UTI that won’t go away. I mentioned some symptoms at my doctor’s appointment, and she then gave me a prescription for some medicine to stop my cramping/contracting and an antibiotic because my urine sample showed a very high level of white blood cells, indicating the UTI. Last Monday I finished the last pill, felt better for a couple of days, then starting feeling worse. I was getting clusters of cramps that were pretty intense. My doctor wanted me to go to L&D observation to be evaluated, and they discovered that I still had my UTI, so I received another round of antibiotic to complete. It’s a different drug, and it seems to be helping. I feel better, even if I didn’t realize that I felt that bad.

In related news, my daughter is also suffering her first UTI. It’s kind of odd that we both got one at the same time, but she’s taking medicine as well, so we both should be all better soon.

I feel like I haven’t prepared near enough, though I have unpacked several boxes of stuff, washed them and put them away for the little one. I’ve purchased some of the things I need in my suitcase (mostly travel-sized toiletries), have gotten the suitcase out, and I’m ready to start slowly packing things in there. I feel paranoid that I’m going to go early, and I’m already nesting. I’ve been cleaning house, and I really need to declutter more.

There are lots of ideas floating around in my head for this blog, but I seem to not do them. Something to work on, I guess.


Second Trimester Adventures July 24, 2008

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So, the first trimester went fairly well. I had some hip pain trouble, but no real morning sickness so to speak. I learned I should avoid certain things such as BBQ sauce and bell peppers. But the real fun didn’t start until about the 9th of this month.

I woke up for work and couldn’t move. I couldn’t roll over or get myself out of bed. Doing so was some of the worst pain I ever felt in my life. It was in my hips, a problem that I had last pregnancy but not at this intensity. My husband had to help move me. Knowing that I couldn’t do certain crucial things by myself, my mother, who watches my daughter during the week, picked the two of us and took us to her house.

A call to the OB/GYN resulted in a recommendation to get in to see my general practitioner. Luckily, I was able to get in that afternoon, and he told me that it was hip joint pain and that there wasn’t too much to do about it besides take the acetaminophen with codeine he prescribed for the worst of the pain. So I rested for the next several days, getting help to move around,¬†get dressed¬†and use the restroom.

Monday arrived and I was still having serious trouble moving around. At this point, I’d probably sat in the recliner or on the loveseat to sleep for almost a week now. I called my OB/GYN to followup with the second recommendation to see an orthopedist. The office made the appointment for Tuesday, the same day as my mid-pregnancy ultrasound and regular checkup. All the running around caused extreme pain. You can only do so much on crutches, and getting up and down from a wheelchair just scared me. Nothing prepared me for the pain from getting up off the exam table after the ultrasound. It was some of the worst in my life.

The orthopedist also diagnosed hip joint pain and recommended physical therapy in addition to a few helpful instructions such as no bent lifting. I made it into physical therapy the next day where I was informed that there wasn’t much they could do for me. The ultimate solution to the problem is to not be pregnant, but the nice lady gave me some at-home exercises to work on. She also ordered me a maternity corset, which is an extra wide maternity belt.

The belt has helped some, but on Tuesday, I started feeling much, much better. I’ve been able to sleep at a slight incline on the couch with my legs stretched out, something close to heaven. So I am moving towards movement again, possibly to return to work on Monday. I can move around by myself some, and I am moving towards not using crutches at all.

I’ve probably toned down some of the more painful aspects of it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve met my pain quota for this pregnancy. I’m just glad to be on the other side of this mountain.