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The More You Know, or Education Matters April 8, 2008

Posted by Tori in Moms, Rants.
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A study came out recently, prompting several articles about the fact that comprehensive sex education is more effective than abstinence only education.

While some sarcastic reply wants to come flying out of my mouth, I’ll just say that I am not surprised one bit. Now, this won’t be an issue in my house for several years, but I plan to educate my children fully on the whole sex education spectrum. Knowledge really is power, and from my personal experience, having that knowledge helps a person’s ability to make informed decisions.

Telling kids they shouldn’t do do something is not enough of a deterrent at that age. The tween and teen years are about quite a bit of defiance. It’s a lot like the toddler years in that kids are trying to assert their independence and become their own person.

I am just a firm believer that having that education, knowledge of how conception works, what each method of birth control does, including success and failure rates, and a complete picture of each STD, with transmission info, prevention methods, and whether or not it has cure, is just good information. If teens know that 1 in 4 girls has an STD, knowing how those STDs relate to them is very important.

How many of us were shocked to learn that kids thought that oral sex was harmless, and not really sex? Yet these kids have STDs from oral sex because they didn’t know any better.

Education is important. Having a well rounded view helps decision makers make sound decisions. How the federal government ever thought that showing these kids only a portion of the puzzle would be effective is beyond me, but it won’t happen in my house on my watch. It’s not easy to stop two determined teens from getting out there and having sex if they want to (I know from experience), but giving them the whole picture, benefits and consequences, lets them use their brains in addition to their hormones.

Didn’t you just hate it as a kid when someone would tell you not to do something, but not explain why it mattered? I still get rubbed the wrong way about that today.

Hopefully, the government will look at results such as these and make new recommendations. Or I could be imagining things again.