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Welcome to Momma Needs Coffee, a blog about the triumphs, joys, & struggles of being Mommy to a toddler. Since my husband and have decided to try to for number two, we’ll be discussing that and all its implications as well.

 Hope you enjoy the blog, and if you want to see more, you can check me out at my other, more writing-oriented blog, http://tjwriter.wordpress.com.

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1. anita - February 11, 2009

ear TJ

would like to say thank you to your lovely replay to me on Dave Taylor Website about Attachment Parenting. We all sometimes lose our direction in our lifes and this is the time when we need someone or something what will help us to get back and you helped me. Being mama is not easy but is my favorite 24h job and now I know Im doing the right thing. Thank you

With love Anita and Adam

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