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How I Knew I was Pregnant Before the Test January 16, 2010

Posted by Tori in Pregnancy.
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When we had our accident, I initially didn’t think much of it. Until the next morning when I realized I was ovulating. The timing would have been perfect if we had been trying. Since my second pregnancy, I’ve had really strong pain whenever I ovulate, so while I may not know when my last period was, I know when I ovulate because I’m miserable for two or three days. This time I only hurt for about half a day, so I immediately suspected something was up.

Within a few days, my suspicion grew. My love for coffee is well known to friends and family. A few days after the accident, I could no longer tolerate usual amount of morning coffee. My stomach did an acidic churn after my second cup. I couldn’t drink anymore.

Then my pit started hanging all over me. I could even go to the bathroom without him trying to climb into my lap while I peed. At this point, I’m getting pretty suspicious, but I didn’t want to say anything to my husband until I knew something for sure, so I’m keeping it all to myself besides vague comments to one of my online communities.

As I’m waiting for enough time to pass to have an accurate pregnancy test, I notice that I’m already getting gassy and my pants feel uncomfortable in certain spots. By now, I’m positive that I’m pregnant, but it’s still too early to get a positive test, so I’m anxiously awaiting for enough time to pass. Yet I still bought tests and took them, hoping to get a really early positive.

Finally, I got a positive test on Christmas Eve. I kept it to myself all day. At 4:30 Christmas morning when our eldest got up to open presents, I took another test and handed it to my husband with a Merry Christmas. He took it well considering that he wanted to be done with two kids and this was not planned at all.

I ended up spilling the beans to our families over Christmas because I can’t keep this kind of secret.



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