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Second Trimester Adventures July 24, 2008

Posted by Tori in Pregnancy.
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So, the first trimester went fairly well. I had some hip pain trouble, but no real morning sickness so to speak. I learned I should avoid certain things such as BBQ sauce and bell peppers. But the real fun didn’t start until about the 9th of this month.

I woke up for work and couldn’t move. I couldn’t roll over or get myself out of bed. Doing so was some of the worst pain I ever felt in my life. It was in my hips, a problem that I had last pregnancy but not at this intensity. My husband had to help move me. Knowing that I couldn’t do certain crucial things by myself, my mother, who watches my daughter during the week, picked the two of us and took us to her house.

A call to the OB/GYN resulted in a recommendation to get in to see my general practitioner. Luckily, I was able to get in that afternoon, and he told me that it was hip joint pain and that there wasn’t too much to do about it besides take the acetaminophen with codeine he prescribed for the worst of the pain. So I rested for the next several days, getting help to move around, get dressed and use the restroom.

Monday arrived and I was still having serious trouble moving around. At this point, I’d probably sat in the recliner or on the loveseat to sleep for almost a week now. I called my OB/GYN to followup with the second recommendation to see an orthopedist. The office made the appointment for Tuesday, the same day as my mid-pregnancy ultrasound and regular checkup. All the running around caused extreme pain. You can only do so much on crutches, and getting up and down from a wheelchair just scared me. Nothing prepared me for the pain from getting up off the exam table after the ultrasound. It was some of the worst in my life.

The orthopedist also diagnosed hip joint pain and recommended physical therapy in addition to a few helpful instructions such as no bent lifting. I made it into physical therapy the next day where I was informed that there wasn’t much they could do for me. The ultimate solution to the problem is to not be pregnant, but the nice lady gave me some at-home exercises to work on. She also ordered me a maternity corset, which is an extra wide maternity belt.

The belt has helped some, but on Tuesday, I started feeling much, much better. I’ve been able to sleep at a slight incline on the couch with my legs stretched out, something close to heaven. So I am moving towards movement again, possibly to return to work on Monday. I can move around by myself some, and I am moving towards not using crutches at all.

I’ve probably toned down some of the more painful aspects of it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve met my pain quota for this pregnancy. I’m just glad to be on the other side of this mountain.


Big News! July 11, 2008

Posted by Tori in Pregnancy.
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So what can I say? Things have been crazy around here, and I’ve neglected a lot of things in the personal aspects of my life, including blogging and writing. So I never made the big announcement that I am pregnant with number two!

We’re really excited, and it’s a happy time to be expanding our family. I always wanted a huge family, but the husband doesn’t want a bunch of kids. We’ve settled on two children. The timing is right where I wanted between our two. My daughter will turn three about two  months after my due date, Dec. 7.

I was pleasantly surprised that the first trimester went so well for me. Very little morning sickness, which is much better than being nauseated all the time. The only thing I can’t handle is peppers, of the green, red or yellow variety. I’m not having the serious cravings like before either, but when I want something, it’s usually not very healthy. I had some hip pain in the beginning, an issue I had with my first pregnancy. I’ll post again about how the second trimester is coming along.