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Good News, Sad News & Decisions Going Forward February 9, 2008

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On Thursday, January 31, my daughter turned two. It’s an amazing place to be. She’s so grown up. I’ve also been thinking for awhile that I’m ready to try for number two. So my happiness was great when I did not get my period last week. I took a test on Wednesday and it was negative. I tested again on Thursday and it was faintly positive. It being so early, I went out and bought another test on Friday and took it that night. Another positive.

We had Piper’s birthday party on Saturday, and because I’m not so good with that kind of secret, we told our families and close friends. I’d had light spotting, but that isn’t all that uncommon for early pregnancy.

Monday night, before I left work, I noticed heavy spotting. It stopped by the time I got home, and while there was some cramping, I felt okay and thought I would be fine after a night’s rest. When I woke up on Tuesday, I knew something wasn’t right. I attempted to go into work because it was THE busy day of the month, but my boss sent me home after I told her what was going on. So I made an appointment with my doctor’s office.

At the doctor, I received an ultrasound and blood work. The ultrasound showed nothing, which was expected because I was less than five weeks along. I stayed home the following day as well because I did not feel well and the doctor’s nurse had indicated that I might need to come back in for more blood work. When the doctor’s office called, I missed it. When I called back, I got the message the nurse had left, which was that my hcg level was zero and that I must have had a false positive on my test.

I was shocked, and I explained to the phone nurse that I’d purchased tests at two different times and that the results both showed positive, and that I found it highly unlikely that I would get two false positives. So she said she would have my doctor (or her nurse) call me back. When I received that call, I explained what I knew to my doctor’s nurse. She told me that my doctor had never seen a zero level that quickly after a miscarriage. She also agreed that it did seem very statistically unlikely to have tests purchased at two different times show positive. So it seemed a wash that the truth would ever be known.

Since then, I’ve done some research on my own, and I’ve developed a theory. I believe that I had a chemical pregnancy, and that while my levels were high to be seen on my home pregnancy test, they were mostly likely dropping by the time I took the second test, which gives my already low level four days to drop to zero before the doctor’s test. Plus, I know that my hormones do weird things in my body. I ovulated two weeks after I had Piper, regardless of the fact that I was pumping 4+ ounces every three hours. The hormones from breastfeeding are supposed to suppress the period, but that didn’t work so well for me.

Regardless, the hope and the pain are in the past now, and though my husband says we weren’t officially trying (A big WHATEVER, that I will address a different day), we’ve decided that we want to now. We were both really excited and happy by the news, and while I knew exactly how much I wanted another child, I think this helped him realize how much he wanted another child.

So onward and upward! We officially trying to have another child.


Welcome! An Introduction to Momma Needs Coffee February 9, 2008

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Good morning. It’s now 8:20 here, and I’ve finally got the pot of coffee brewing. It’s my lifeline for each day. My caffeine addiction is in full swing, and when that first sip of hot coffee hits my lips, I’m ready to go.

But so far this morning has been productive. I’ve touched up a load of laundry, dried another load, have one in the wash, and loaded the dishwasher, so it’s not so bad. I’ve always started this blog, which has been on my mind for a few weeks. My other blog, http://tjwriter.wordpress.com, is every eclectic, but I wanted something just for discussing being a mother. It’s such a hot topic all the time.

So, welcome, I hope you return regularly, and I hope to be here regularly. Life gets crazy sometimes, but I hope the worst is over for right now, and that things can take a calm turn.

I finally have a cup of coffee, and my daughter is tromping around in her pink cowboy boots, so have a good day!